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    Connecting XML to a DropDownList

    Arend-Jan Level 1

      Unfortunatly I need some help and I hope someone here can help me.


      I've got a DropDownList (gumbo/flex 4). This dropdownlist needs to display a labels which is connected to some data. The information is coming from a XML-file something like this:



           <option value="thedataiwastalkingabout1">thelabeliwastalkingabout1</option>

           <option value="thedataiwastalkingabout2">thelabeliwastalkingabout2</option>



      I know how to retreive the xml file, but how do I connect the data correctly (the green stuff to the label an the red stuff to the data part of the DropDownList)?


      Ps. I can't change the XML input.