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    MP4 files in Premiere Element 7 not playing


      I have recently bought a Sanyo Xacti Cmaera for my wife and have tried to edit the files in Premiere elements 7.  When I try to open the files I am told they are not supported and that a codec may be missing.  I can open them and play them in Nero and Quicktime player but not in Premiere or in Windows player.  I am running Windows XP home edition SP3 with 4GB Ram.  I have read some of the ideas to try to rectify but no luck.. Any suggestions?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Depending on which exact model you have, it appears that the camera produces AVCHD H.264 files.


          First thing that I would do would be to check that you have the latest Apple QuickTime Player.


          Next, make sure that your Project Preset is AVCHD. I do not find that this camera shoots in DD 5.1 SS Audio, but if it does, then make sure that you choose THAT part of the Preset too.


          Now, it could be that Nero has some of its own CODEC's, like VLC Player. If you do not have the H.264 CODEC, and you should with the latest version of QuickTime, there are two other suppliers of this CODEC, that offer a really good one: Lead and MainConcept. When the Apple H.264 has not done a good job, many folk go with the MainConcept H.264. Some others have had better luck with the Lead version.


          Now, how are you getting these files into PrE. For these, you will probably be copying the files over to your computer's HDD, and then using Get Media from that location.


          Good luck, and maybe someone knows this camera (please state the exact model), and can offer more than I can, based on the info that I got from the Sanyo site.



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            Johnb9 Level 1

            Thanks Hunt, that seems to have solved that problem, the clips are loading and playing in Premiere.  My latest problem is that the programme crashes at intermitent intervals afetr telling me it running low on system memory.  I have put the memory usage up to real time in the task manager, but I am still getting crashes.  Happy days

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              Ed.Macke Level 3

              Just FYI, I wouldn't ever bump up your priority higher than "High". Setting it to "Realtime" can interfere with Windows itself.

              I routinely set my process to "High" to prevent problems with stuttering playback and haven't had an issue. But Setting it to "Realtime" is definitely contraindicated.


              Note, thought, that setting your priority won't have any effect on your memory usage - it merely sets the process's CPU priority in relation to other processes.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                First, take a look at this ARTICLE on how to eliminate a bunch of unnecessary programs and Processes. These steal necessary resources.


                Glad that you're on the right track now,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  If that does not help you, this ARTICLE will furnish you with tips on gather "clues," as to what is happening, when your program crashes, or hangs.


                  Good luck,