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    Sound and Audio Not Synched in Premiere Element 4


      I have a problem that occurs occasionally where the audio is about 1-3 frames behind the video. I'm recording footage from a video game and sometimes it seems the gun shot sounds do synch but other times they don't, even when it's the same continuous recording.


      I've tried to see if maybe they were out of synch even before I put them in PE4 and to me it sounds like it is while playing it in full speed, however, playing it in full speed in PE4 does not sound synched, which makes me think it occurs when I put the clips into PE4. But I don't know how to slow the clips down frame by frame when outside of PE4 to make sure that they weren't just already out of synch.


      Any idea on what's going on or how I could figure out where the problem is starting? When this happens I have to drag the audio clips over appropriately to make up for it and that gets extremely tedious after a while, especially since it isn't always obvious just how far out of synch each one is.