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    Basic questions about Premiere Elements 8

    Trevor Hodgson

      I'm new to this forum and although I use Photoshop Elements extensively, I am just trialling Premiere Elements 8. I have a number of questions from my (very limited) testing so far:


      1. Most of the videos that I download from my Sony DCR-DVD110 DVDs behave fine, but one of them only has half an audio track. The full audio was there on the DVD, but in the project it appears that the second half of the audio has been moved to overlay the first half, instead of following on. The video format is VOB. Has anyone else had this problem, or could suggest how it can be remedied?


      2. I understand from the help that I can split incoming video from a DV camcorder using the timecode on the tape. However, I do not seem to get the same option when downloading from DVD as above. The scene-splitter in the project list only allows content detection (which is unreliable), or regular divisions. Does anyone know if there a timecode on the VOB files, and is there a way of using this to split video into clips that is more reliable than scene detection?


      3. I do not understand the red/green line that appears under the Timeline ruler, just above the video. In one project, I have cleared clips out of the timeline and copied new ones in. The green or red line no longer changes at clip boundaries. Where it is green, the clip audio plays back, but not the video. Where it is red, both play. I do not seem to be able to find out what this means, let alone how to change it, and do not know how I set it in the first place. Does anyone know what this coloured line means, and how to change it so that all of the clips play both audio and video?


      4. When I start the program from the Welcome Screen, it gives me the option of opening an old project. Even though I select the project that I wish to open, this does not happen. Premiere Elements 8 starts, but the project does not load. Is this just a limitation of the trial version, or a common problem? Can I skip the Welcome screen and go straight into Premiere Elements 8?


      I'm looking to buy Premiere Elements 8 along with an upgrade to Photoshop Elements 8, for the compatibility and common file organiser, but so far the above problems are putting me off a purchase. The programme also does not seem to be as intuitive as Studio 7, which was the last video editing software that I used (some years ago, taking data from a DV camcorder).


      Your help and any recommendations that you may be able to add would be most welcome.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Virtually all of your problems are related to your trying to edit video from a DVD camcorder. Although the program is supposed to be able to work with these video files, they can be very problematic if your computer's operating system is not fully updated, you lack the current version of Quicktime and you do not have the proper codecs installed.


          The red lines you're seeing above your video on the timeline are indications of this. These are indications that your video needs to be rendered by the program in order for the program to work with it.


          If you'd like to try to work with DVD cam video despite these liabilities, there are things you can do to improve performance somewhat.The FAQs to the right of this forum explain how and why.



          But I recommend you convert your VOB files to DV-AVIs before you bring them into Premiere Elements. This will likely remedy nearly all of your problems (assuming your computer's hardware and software are up to the necessary specs and are fully updated).

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            Trevor Hodgson Level 1

            Thanks Steve. I rebuilt the project and it worked fine this time, as with other projects. I tried rendering the workspace and see that the red/green line refers to whether the clip is rendered or not. All was working fine until the system froze while playing with effects!


            I haven't had a chance to go through the other forum you recommend yet, but will do so. I notice that there is an update of Quicktime available, so will load that. What other software should I update?


            As you suggest, the safer way to go may be to convert the file formats before going into Premiere Elements. What software do you recommend for converting from VOB to DV-AVI?

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Prism works great. And you'll find a link to it and the proper settings in my earlier post.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                Trevor Hodgson,

                If it comes to the need for conversion of the VOBs to DV AVI, my preference is the free software MPEG Streamclip


                I have found it to be a valuable addition to my workflow and has not created problems with Premiere Elements when I go back to use Premiere Elements after the VOB to DV AVI conversion with Prism.


                As for the opening of Premiere Elements 8, please check out the thread that I have running in this forum on my Premiere Elements 8 First Look.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  PrE, and PrPro, as of CS4.1, will Import 100% DVD-compliant .VOB's. When they are not 100% DVD-compliant, things can differ. This ARTICLE will give you some additional info on .VOB's.


                  Good luck,



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                    Trevor Hodgson Level 1

                    Thanks a lot to all who have replied. It's very comforting to know that there is such a helpful and active forum available for the software. Expect more posts from me in the future!


                    I've downloaded Prism first and will try that at the weekend to see if the avi conversion helps with the sound and other problems. I'll also have a read of the articles that you have pointed me to.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Happy reading and happy editing.


                      Also, Steve Grisetti has a book, now on PrE 8. I have not seen this new edition, but can vouch for his previous book on PrE 7. I also think that he has either a companion book for PSE, or maybe it's a combined set.


                      Good luck,



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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Thanks for the plug, Hunt.


                        I have publshed a book on Premiere Elements 7, a combined book for Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements 7 and a book on Premiere Elements 8. I'm also currently at work on a combined book for the version 8 Elements set. We're hoping to have it out by late November.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Thanks for the update. I noticed that the display on Muvipix had changed a while ago, when I'd go to get the link to your PrE 7 book, but had not really poked around to see all the changes. I'd just grab the URL for the PrE 7 book and post that link. Time to go see what you've been up to!