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    Premiere Pro 2.0 crashes - Avi deleted




      Today I Had to insert a Time Code in film that belonged to a project made with Premiere Pro 1.5. I Installed PPro 2.0. I opened the project and i was able to insert the TC and Export it to a Quicktime File. But right after the export, Premiere Pro 2.0 crashed. It appeared the message "Premiere has found an unexpected error. We will try to save your project". After a while the program shut down. I rebooted the computer, and when i restarted the program i found out that not only my project file had dissappeared, but also the Avi's Captured from tapes. I recovered the project from a previous autosave but most of the clips are offline. The most surprising thing is that checking the scratch disk, it has the same Gb occupied than it had before the "deletion" of the avis. So, I suppose they are still there but a cannot read them. Is that correct? How Can I retrieve them?

      Thanks in advance for your responses,


      Salvador Savarese

      Buenos Aires, Argentina