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    LoadClips work/don works

    bennos89 Level 1

      Hi people,


      I have some trouble with my loadClip. Everytime I used the loadclip function, 8 swf will be load at one go. However, something the loadclip manage to all the swf and sometime it manage to load only 6 to 7 swf. All my 8 swf have different file size. And I need to more than 80 to 100 plus swf.




      Is there way to fix this bug or ?

      Here is my code



      //Preloader Two

      var listenerPage:Object= new Object();

      var mcLoaderPage:MovieClipLoader= new MovieClipLoader();





      listenerPage.onLoadStart= function(target:MovieClip):Void






      listenerPage.onLoadInit= function(target:MovieClip):Void 



                setCheckPageLoaded(target);                                 ---> This function is to remove Preloader MovieClip


                if((countPages== 0) && (leftToLoad > 0)) 


                        fBoolean= false;


                        leftToLoad-= 2;

                        counterTwo+= 2;

                        twoPerPage+= 2;


                        aCountPage(counterTwo, twoPerPage);               -----> This function is to load another 8 swf once the preivous 8 swf is load finish everything is complete.










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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          there's a limit to the amount flash will similtaneously download.  if you're publishing for a fp version that can't 8, you could try 6 at a time.  i believe when i last tested (fp 6), the limit was 4.


          but there's really no reason to load more than 1 at any one time.  it won't speed the overall load progress.  so, you may as well load sequentially, one swf at any one time.

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            bennos89 Level 1



            Thanks for your reply. I would like to ask more details what do you mean fb?


            Are you trying to say flash only limit to 4 similtaneously download at one go? Therefore, you are suggesting to load per swf. Once completed? And you say the version might affect the the mcloader?


            Currently, my version for the swf is 9.

            I could change to the version 10 if help to solve the problem.


            Hope to see your reply as soon as possible.


            At the same time I would like to ask whether I can have 3 loadclip listener? Loading/not loading at the same time



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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              fp = flashplayer.


              there's a limit to the number of simultaneous downloads.  do some testing to see if it's fp dependent and i'm pretty sure it is browser dependent, too.


              and yes, you can have more than one listener for each moviecliploader.