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    Batch print multipe files

    Ryan Young

      Hello everyone,


      I'm quite new to scripting and autmation but it's quickly becoming an important area I need to get to grips with.


      My problem is that I have 97 seperate indesign files I need to print as proofs, and also need to create pdfs for as well.


      I've had a quick google for a solution to this but not really sure what I need to be looking for & havent found anything that fits the bill.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

          Hi Ryan,


          Here is example of batch print script:


          function main()
              var skipTo = null;
              var folder = null;
              var files = null;
              var printDialog = false;
              // Enter your Print Presets here
              var printPreset = app.printerPresets.itemByName("Your Print Preset Name");
              if( app.documents.length>0 ) {
              skipTo = app.activeDocument.fullName;
              folder = skipTo.parent;
              } else {
              folder = Folder.selectDialog("Choose a folder");
              files = folder.getFiles();
              for( f in files ) {
              var file = files[f];
              if( skipTo ) {
              if( skipTo.fsName==file.fsName )
              skipTo = null;
              else continue;
              if( file.type!="IDd4" )
              if( app.modalState )


          And batch convert script is here:



          Hope this helps.