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    Flex layout and containers


      Hey all,

      Coming from a HTML/CSS background I so far see the containers as an overkill of the DIV tag. Different containers seem only to be predefined DIVs with CSS styling. The MXML markup language reminds me of old school HTML with things like fontSize and fontWeight. The MXML language seems to be an overkill for something already and perfectly done with HTML and CSS. Browser compatibility is getting much better so the argument of not having to worry about such issues is fading rapidly. I do enjoy ActionScript, it is much better than JavaScript overall. But all this MXML stuff is to be honest making me wonder why bother to learn it all when I already know HTML and CSS. The amount of JavaScript libraries is also growing. Flex seems to be too little too late? But the Flex builder is a brilliant tool. I find my self at a cross roads with moving forward with Flex RIA development. As I have said I know HTML and CSS like the back of my hand. My skill with PHP is growing every day (already have vast OOP knowledge). Why has Adobe Flex reinvented the HTML and CSS wheel with MXML? It just doesn't make sense at this point in time. I know it appears to make a lot of things easier but it does seem to cut down on the flexibility that HTML and CSS does have. Am I missing something? is MXML suppose to replace HTML and CSS in RIAs? Just wondering and asking questions, trying to learn. Thanks for any insights you can give me =)