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    How do I do a colourwash in Fireworks?

    Linda vandenBerg Level 1

      Hi,I am a REAL beginner, I have just started designing websites and am using Fireworks to edit a black and white photograph that I have. What I want to do is to put a slight pink tint/colourwash on the whole photograph, so it looks a bit pinky......I have no idea how to do this please can someone help!!

      TY L x

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          Lou Dina Level 3



          I feel badly that you have not had any responses.  I suspect this is because your question is application specific and is not really related to color management.  Perhaps you can try the Dreamweaver or Fireworks forum (if one exists).  You might even try the Photoshop forum or one of the Adobe Design forums.  Much more likely you will get an answer.  I'd answer here but I do not use or even own Fireworks.