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    Confused about using list styles


      I'm working on a new webhelp project in RH8 and am confused about the way that lists work (and am even more confused after reading the various threads in here on this subject).


      I've created a style sheet and defined bulleted and numbered list styles (using RH8's Styles wizard). I have a couple of issues though:


      • I can't get numbering to restart at 1 when I have a second separate numbered list in a topic.
      • In the Styles and Formatting pod, and in the Styles list, my bulleted list style is shown as "1 BulletList" which I'm finding disconcerting.



      Is there a reliable  way to get numbering to restart at 1 for a second numbered list in a topic? Should I worry that my bulleted list style seems to think it's  a numbered list style in the Styles and formatting pod?


      Would it be more straightforward to ditch the style sheet styles and format my lists manually using the toolbar buttons? And iIf I formatted them manually, would this have any implications for if I wanted to also create printed output from my project in the future.


      I'd be very grateful for any advice.