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    Resize the swf in an elastic div

    Lord Handerson
      Hi, i want to explain my problem:

      I've an elastic css layout, and there is a div hat countains my swf, this div has height and width variables, that is, the dimension of the div is not fixed, height and width are not in px but in %.
      Now, I want to know how can I do to have the swf resizabe 100% height and 100% width in the div? If I give 100% to height and width in the embed tag the result it's that the swf don't resize it self, but there are white spaces in the div (if I click with the dx buttom of the mouse on th white spaces I see the traditioal flash menù).
      Someone says to me that the solution is to use an actionscript with a stage object.
      I'm not an expert of flash, someone can help me with this problem?