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    topic hyperlink


      I'm a new RoboHelp user running verson 7 and creating online help for a saftware (java) app.

      In trying to create links in my topic I have been successful except for one specific instance.


      When I attempt to save the topic with the link I receive the following message.


      The hyperlink "Customer_Support.htm');" used in "Manage_User_Profile.htm, is outside of the current project and will not be shownin the project manager.


      When I generate the layout the link works (I have it set as a popup). The formatting of the error message seems odd to me specifically the ');

      at the end of the hyperlink name but I'm not sure how that message is generated and the filename and topic title look okay.


      As I said I am pretty new so I do appreciate the help. I did read the "where to post" and other info so hopefully I am inthe correct forum.

      Any additional guidance is appreciate also.