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    Making a Online Store with Director.

    ginod Level 1

      Hi guys.. this is a really important subject for me.


      I have to create a Online Store using Director... Not as a shockwave but a Desktop App (Mac and PC) but i have no idea how to start.


      I have to create a catalog, and a wish list, cart and shooping processs using credic card and pay pal process


      Any idea?





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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Your question is again way too broad Gino. Break it down into manageable pieces and tackle them one at a time.


          Presumably you can create a product catalog without too many problems as this kind of application is something Director is used for regularly.

          A wish list is as simple as recording a user's selection and "remembering" it between sessions (a database or vList or even a text file on disk).

          PayPal I'm not sure about, but you'll have to research its API and communicate with it, probably using the SecureNet xtra since it will require HTTPS