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    Animated HTMLText leaving trails / streaks behind

    tomaugerdotcom Level 1

      Hello - experiencing a strange bug. Wondering if anyone has found a workaround.


      I have some htmlText in a textField inside a MovieClip on the timeline. The MovieClip has a little (CS3) timeline motion tween on it - it grows and shrinks once. The htmlText is populated beforehand via ActionScript and the entire SWF sits inside a preloader "shell" that handles loading it and adding it to the displayList.


      When the text expands - it looks fine. When it shrinks, the HTML bullets (UL and LI items) leave "trails" behind - and thus create a "streak".


      The funny thing is, if later on I move the playhead forward using gotoAndPlay(), the streaks disappear, even though it's not moving to a new keyframe for that MovieClip. So it's clearly a screen refresh issue.


      I tried turning runtime bitmap caching on, and the bullets did not display whatsoever. And yes, font embedding is turned on.


      Any thoughts, or suggestions for things I could try would be very much appreciated.



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          tomaugerdotcom Level 1

          Issue resolved (for me at least).

          This bug occurs under very unusual circumstances. It's unlikely anyone else would encounter this but here it is for posterity:

          1. it's essentially an INDENT problem
          2. the textfield has Paragraph indents set up in the IDE
          3. the indents are a negative value for the overall indent, and a positive value for the left-indent
          4. the textfield is then populated with htmlText that includes UL and LI tags for bullets
          5. the textfield is then styled with a stylesheet that gives the UL a negative left margin.

          what's happening is that the paragraph formats are in some way conflicting with the css styling and causing a rendering engine error. If the streaks occur and you simply move the FlashPlayer window, the streaks disappear - indicating that it's a redraw region issue.

          The solution is to remove the danged paragraph settings from the textfield properties in the IDE - they are not used anyway as they are overridden by the HTML/CSS. In our case, they were left in there by the designer who had manually typed in the bullet text etc when developing the designs. The production files were stripped of text, because the text is being populated from an external XML file, so the indents were never seen.

          This was a real biotch to track down. I hope anyone who has the same issue will see this post and will save a bit of time.

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            KevinK88 Level 1

            I had a similar situation. What worked for me was changing my video card to use 32bit colors instead of 16bit. Hope this helps someone else because it was a very puzzling problem.