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    Adobe After Effects CS4/(CS3) Installation

    Gravious123 Level 1



      Yesterday i downloaded Adobe After Effects CS4 trail. When it finished downloading i ran this file: "ADBEAFETCS4_LS7.exe". It started to extract all the files but when it almost was done, it said the program had to close with the Don't Send and Send Report thing. After that i tried opening: "ADBEAFETCS4_LS7.7z" with WinRAR and run the Setup.exe from there. But when i double clicked it, i also got the Dont' Send window.


      Then i thought maybe Adobe After Effects CS3 works, so i downloaded that trail. When it was finished i ran Setup.exe and it started to initialise, but when the progressbar was 100% is closed, but no setup window appeared.


      How can i install one of these beautiful programs. Please help me out.


      (I also tried to download it on my laptop but there i couldn't  download the download Manager...)


      Stupid errors...



      Thanks in advance