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    CS4 How Do I Render a Project in Perfect Quality


      I am trying to render a project in 960X720 pixels "as is". So that I can use virtualdub to compress it to XVid afterwards. My source video is ultra sharp. However, after spending 2 hours trying every option available in Premiere, it is impossible for me to render equal quality to my source. All the high end options decide to blur the resulting video.  I haven't applied the blur filter, why is it blurring. I set everything as high as possible.


      I have tried Windows Uncompressed, but Premiere seems to think uncompressed requires black borders and fields and alot of blurring.


      What do I do? This isn't for tv nor any mobile devices nor DVD and I don't want the application chosing what it thinks I want. I'm really frustrated here. How do I tell premiere to render exact same as my source files? :{


      Anyway, all I want to do is render a 960X720 avi as good as my source that is not meant for TV and is not meant for the web, no matter if the result is 600GB, what do I do?



      Thank you.