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    PME 7.0 Problem & Slow




      I recently build a system for my dad to us Premiere Elements 7.0 :


      Amd Phenom II x3 720BE

      4 gb ram

      2x 1tb sata

      Xp 32 bit

      Onboard Radeon hd 3300

      We only edit SD material


      The problem is when getting media file's the program is verry slow. I have a old p4 3,2 ghz 1,5gb ram wich does media import a lot faster, that can be good. So when i go to get media , browse folder on the pc and pick a clip op 8-20 gb sd material the and open it i can't use the program for 10 sec. The program immideatly is going to make a peak file . On my p4 its no problem at all. I can select 4 clips of 20 gb, import and when the programs is creating a peak file , work on with no delay.


      The only differnce is i have a dedicated vieocard on my machine and no onboard. But people telling me that a hd 3300 should be enough for sd material.


      What can it be?


      ps. I noticed that importing from my external drive i a liite bit faster then my internal drive, but still bad. I have PME on my os drive , and the videos on a different. Where schould i let my project files?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What type of camcorder did this video come from and how did you get it into your computer?


          File format is the chief reason for the program lugging.


          But version 8 also includes a couple of "background" features that can slow it down considerably too. And it might be worth turning them off, per the FAQs to the right of this forum.


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            Dear Steve,


            As you can read, i use version 7.0.


            I also think its not important how the file's are recorded. It are the same file's in the same program BUT on 2 different machine's. Old machine now problem. New is slow.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Sorry, Pietjooo. I don't have enough information to be able to help you.

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                Pietjooo Level 1

                what information do you need? The clips are recorded with a Sony DCR-VX9000E Pal. Conected by firewire, recorde by PME 7.0, directly saved on a harddisk. But i think trhats not relevant...

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  The 2x 1TB SATA's should be good, but please tell us how they are allocated, i.e. what is on each one?


                  How is the Virtual Memory (Page File) set up, where is it located and how is it managed?


                  On either HDD, do you have Windows Indexing setup? You can check this with Properties from My Computer/Windows Explorer.


                  I also assume that you have no partitions setup on either of the HDD's. Is that correct? [Note: partitions really slow things down, especially with any NLE program.]


                  This ARTICLE might give you some tips on how to setup your dad's system (and your own) for NLE work.


                  Good luck,



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                    Pietjooo Level 1

                    Ok i found out the folowwing. When i remove the video driver. Adobe video import works fast. When installing its slow. Sow i think im gonna buy a other card. Can somebody advise me a good budget card?


                    And is it still treu that for video editing Intel based processors are more stable than Amd?

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      The ATI Radeon cards have been getting high marks on the PrPro forum.


                      I use nVidia, but some recent driver releases do not seem to be working all that well. Some have had luck by just killing some "gamer" functions, but others have had to roll-back to much earlier drivers. So far, mine are working wonderfully.


                      Now, for NLE work, one does not need all that much power. Good diver support is more important. PrE does not yet take advantage of CUDA on some high-end nVidia cards, so nothing to be gained there.


                      Good luck,