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    After Effects Issues Scrub/Crash and Memory Issue.


      I am sorry if this is redundant. I have Windows XP (SP3) 3 Gb or Ram and adequite hard drive space. When I run After Effects, it loads fine. Import, fine. Scrub timeline. ERROR: Texture too small, GL error, After Effects Crahses.


      Then when I render, my ram reaches 60% stops rendering.


      I will dl the updates and see if tha fixes it. In the meantime is there anything I should know or any settings I should use to boost performance?




      Allan H.B. Martin


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, for the first error simply turn off OpenGL. Apparently your graphics card is not up to snuff, has a flakey driver or is mis-configured somehow. The second is too generic. When asking such questions, you must provide more info - footages used, target format, effects used etc.. Also have the renderer log more details with the Extra per Frame Info option as well as watching the render status closely (untwirl the details sections to see the current layers/ comps being processed).