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    urgent: MAC & Windows Projector discrepancies

      Hey gang,

      I've run into a persistent problem here. I'm running Director MX (can't yet upgrade to 11 per client because of a few issues with incompatibility) on both a Mac G5 Quad and MacPro, there is no difference in functionality between the two systems in regards to the projector files.

      With that said, the mac projectors work perfectly fine, while the PC projectors have one issue that I can't seem to remedy.

      First: check out the screen-capture of the interface in use (it'll save us the time to explain it in text)
      the link: interface demo

      The video above was captured from the mac version of the projector, and it works as-designed. The PC however, everything is the same EXCEPT for the ability to TURN OFF the captions. I can swap between them no problem, but when it comes time to toggle them off, nope.

      My question: has anybody experienced this type of issue, between the mac and PC projectors? I've included the scripts below. The CC button will be the first script, and the script for the actual QT .mov of the CC file is the second one listed. Both are attached as behaviors. Also noteworthy, the reason the sprites are instructed to move off the screen is because the stage freaks out if two movies are stack atop one another - they flicker like mad. Thus, the sprite(7).visible = false option is off the table. This explains the sprite(#).locV = 640 lines, with the locV = 486 being the on-screen location.

      Interestingly, as a test, I made a quick OFF button which simply told the CC .mov sprites to move off the screen, and even this didn't work on the PC.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer - will be checking in all weekend as we're against quite a deadline for these babies. Cheers,