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    Invalid form after signature but valid after reopen



      I am currently struggeling with a dynamic xfa-based form I have built with aodbe lc designer and that needs to be signed.

      There are two signature objects. The first one basically should sign the entire form besides the 2nd sign field an two other fields.


      Now, when I sign the the sign obj. using ppklite I instantly get an invalid signature icon in the upper left corner. (every nasty)

      As I have quite some js inside my form I use a flag that is set when the signature is set in order to prevent any further js execution.

      (...if (mySignIsSigned == false) { execute js }  else { do nth.})

      So the is no js anymore after the sign is set...


      Still adobe reader 9.1 gives me the warning ...."the document has been changed".

      If I compare the signed and the current version using standard adobe functionality it says: "no differences"

      The strange thing however is.When I close the signed form and reopen / revalidate the form adobe gives me a green icon and the signature is perfectly valid.


      If you have any hints what might cause this behaviour I'd be very thankfuä.