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    film quality


      can any  guys please advise the best settings for transfering a film from element7 to a media drive to watch on a television, it reads mpeg1/ mpeg2-avi.vob

      mpeg4 avi divx3.11,4x5

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure what you mean by "it reads mpeg1/ mpeg2-avi.vob  mpeg4 avi divx3.11,4x5"


          Those are all very different file formats that would require different treatments. Are you talking about a single video clip? Where did this video originate?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            a media drive to watch on a television, it reads mpeg1/ mpeg2-avi.vob, mpeg4, avi divx3.11,4x5


            By this, do you mean that the media drive can read these formats/COCEC's?


            If so, it appears that it can handle a fairly broad range of media. MPEG 2 (the format/CODEC of DVD-Video) and MPEG4 (guessing that it's using the H.264 CODEC) are good ones. If it does do the MPEG-2 .VOB, then it sounds as though it will read standard DVD-Video, though I do not know if it will extract that data from the normal DVD-Video VIDEO_TS folder, or not. This would be good for SD material. If you have HD material, I'd go with the MPEG-4 H.264, which is the BD (Blue-ray Disc) format/CODEC. Again, not sure if your media drive can extract from the BD delivery format.


            The only concern that I have with the DVD-Video, or BD formats is that PrE can Burn to Folder for DVD-Video and that would be the most simple means. It cannot (unless PrE 8 can) Burn to Folder for BD, so you'd just do the file with Share/Export.


            Let us know a bit more about what you mean with that above quoted line.


            Good luck, and thanks,