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    RH7 and RH8 Table of Contents and Search topics display is different in WebHelp Pro vs. FlashHelp Pro

    pjv@gs Level 1
      1. While testing the RH7 version of my help project that was published to the RHServer 8 via WebHelp Pro, discovered a problem in the usability of the Table of Contents.  When you open a book that does not have a topic linked to it, it automatically displays the last topic included in the book above it, which could be a top level or sublevel book.  This does NOT occur when I publish RH8 FlashHelp Pro layout to RH8 server.  Nor is it a problem in our current RH7 project that uses FlashHelp. In both FlashHelp projects, the last topic that was opened remains in the topic panel if the TOC book is not linked to a specific topic, which makes more sense than having a topic that the user never opened suddenly appear in the topic panel. 

      There is a problem with the Search display function in WebHelp Pro project published to RHServer 8 where the apostrophe in a topic title is replace by the html code (&apost;) when it displays in the Search list panel. I'm assuming that same problem applies to published WebHelp.  Again, this problem does NOT occur in my current RH7 FlashHelp project or when I view RH8 FlashHelp Pro version to was published to RHServer 8.


      How do I make WebHelp Pro project's TOC and Search functions behave like FlashHelp?  There shouldn't be a difference between these 2 layouts.