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    Help calculation Problem

    Nikki W

      I have created an adobe acrobat registration form in Adobe LiveCycle.  I've worked on this all day and needed to distribute today.  I can not find out what the problem with my code is.  I need a discerning eye right away if possible.  The calculated fields are on page two.  The right column TotTour, TotMDin, TotWDin & then TotDue.  TotDue is TotTour + TotMDin + TotWDin +215


      I was sent the attached pdf back corrected and I marked the thread answered however it seems that when the form is distributed the second page goes haywire.  Please help.





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          MarcelBoucher Adobe Employee

          Nothing wrong with your code.

          Simply go to the Row1[0] and uncheck the "Repeat Row for Each Data Item" option

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            Nikki W Level 1

            Marcel,  Thank you so much for your help, both you and the previous forum were so helpful.  I'm self taught and just wading through the calculations.  I did a registration form before that had some calculations in it, used them again, but they didn't work and then I saw all the rawdata used in the syntax.  I guess I will have to study some more as last time I just would have said TotMDin = QtyMDin * 75 and it would work.  Never seems to work when you are on an extremely tight deadline.


            Back to the studying for me before the next form.