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    Adobe Reader freezes all browsers when opening a url to a PDF containing form fields...

    ryan_etn Level 1

      There is an issue we are currently experienceing with Adobe Acrobat 9 (updated to the latest version) where ALL BROWSERS (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) on each of two different systems (a MacBook Pro with Mac OSX Leopard and a Sony Vaio Laptop with Windows Vista) where the application will freeze up and crash the browser when we view a .pdf file from a url if the .pdf file iteself contains form fields.


      At first I though it may have been specific to Mac OSX and this MacBook we were trying to view the document on, but the same issue is now occuring with a new Sony Vaio laptop (running Windows Vista) as well.


      It seems like it is able to open .pdf documents containing form fields when they are stored locally, but when trying to access them via a url, the program will freeze up.  Sometimes it will eventually work if you had previously opened a .pdf prior to opening it via the url link and sometimes it doesn't.  And it seems to only be related to .pdfs containing fillable form fields (others open fine when accessing them by a url)


      Obviously it's become quite irratating and I'm hopeing I can find some insight on this support forum as to what may be causing this issue.


      Previous versions of Acrobat (installed on the MacBook) opened this very same .pdf file (url) fine before upgrading to version 9.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!