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    After installing Adobe Reader 9.1.3, PDF document referenced in an IFRAME won't display


      My company writes software that generates PDF files and then displays them in either a FRAME or IFRAME.  For one of our customers, for the users that have Adobe Reader 9.1.3 installed, if we programatically set the src of an IFRAME to a PDF, the content of the IFRAME just stays blank.  But if they browse elsewhere from within our software and try loading the exact same PDF document in a FRAME, it loads fine.  Our customer's users that are experiencing the problem are running on Windows XP SP3 using Internet Explorer 7 with Adobe Reader 9.1.3.


      I've installed 9.1.3 on my Windows Server 2003 developer machine and I do not experience the problem.  I had the customer send me screen shots of all of the IE settings in the Advanced tab and for the appropriate zone in the Security tab.  I changed all of my settings to match and still could not replicate the problem.


      I'm not sure what else to have the customer try.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.