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    Importing Power Point Presentations Into Premier

    Megawatts1066 Level 1

      One thing that would be very useful would be an importer programme, that allows peoples's Power Point presentations to be imported into an edit. I am using CS3, on XP SP 3.  on a Quad Core 3G systems.


      I am shooting a lot of major lecture presentations, with three cameras. Two on tripod, and one close, and grabbing the detail, the other almost a locked off wide, which includes the big projection screen. and a JVC HDD camera doing running around, which I transfer to tape.

      Short of getting a full vison mixer, and a crew to man, mix and do audio, the simplest way is to get the power point from the speaker afterwards. Obviuously any video they use is no issue.

      BUT, short of completely re-doing the Power Point in Photoshop, and creating a jpeg for each individual frame used in the Power Point, surely ther must be a programme to convert these straight to a format that Premier will use.


      Any comments appreciated.