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    RAW file colours looking incorrect


      Hi guys,


      Sorry if this question has been asked or if this is a foolish one but I cant find any answers around and I'm getting really frustrated. Basically, I've been using Bridge for only a few months but have rated and sorted photos through it for the last few projects I've worked on. Recently I logged in to carry on working on some photos and noticed that the photos looked very different to what I remember them looking like. I opened them in Photoshop (using Camera RAW) and they still look odd. They look very light and over exposed and I cant work out why.


      I've 'Reset Preferences' and 'Purged the entire thumbnail cache' in Bridge using the Reset Settings option and also purged the cache once in Bridge but neither of these things have helped. I noticed that if I generate a quick thumbnail instead of a high quality one in bridge, it looks as it should in the thumbnail but still doesnt look right in the preview window.


      I've put this question in this forum as I think this is to do with the way RAW files are being ready by both Adobe Bridge and Photoshop as it looks the same in both.


      Could someone please help me out as I've lost confidence in the changes I am making to photos at the mo until I understand this sudden change of colour? I'm sure it's not my monitor as I use SpyderPro calibration and the fact that my other JPEG photos still look normal but would prefer to know the reason for this before I commit more time to photo editing.



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like something is wrong with your color settings or something is wrong with your ACR settings.


          What do the photos look like if you set your monitor profile (using Control Panel / Display / Color Management or Control Panel / Color) to sRGB instead of whatever Spyder is determining?


          What are the settings in ACR for one of the washed out photos?


          What version of Spyder?  How old is it?


          What version of Photoshop/ACR?


          What version of OS?

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            ParedesPhotography Level 1

            Hi ssprengel,


            Thanks for the reply.


            When I look at my Color Management, I only have one profile there which is the one set by Spyder. I did try to turn off the calibration and that just makes the photos lighter. Just to cliarfy, its not as if they are slightly off colour, they are seriously wrong. Like one photo is pretty much yellow and as the JPEGS looks normal I dont think its a generic screen calibration problem.


            Does ACR stand for Adobe Camera Raw? If so, the settings only have 'Apply auto grascale mix when converting to grayscale' checked in the Default Image Settings. In the JEPG and TIFF Handling section both boxes are checked.


            I only bought SpyderPro 3 about 3 months ago so the hardware is pretty new and only recently I upgraded the software to version 1.1.4. I'm using Photoshop CS3 version 10.0 and Camera Raw 4.6. Finally my operating system is Windows Vista.


            Hope this additional information helps.

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              ParedesPhotography Level 1

              OMG, I feel SO silly!


              Sorry all but think have worked out what I did. I must have clicked on 'Save New Camera Raw Defaults' at some point as when I clicked on 'Reset Camera Raw Defaults' all seemed to return to normal.


              Sorry again!!!