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    FLVPlayback,, Complete event, my sadness...

    Rothrock Level 5

      The place I work is running a bit behind the times. Until recently we published to Flash 5! But we've made some strides and even though many users have Flash 9 or 10 plugin installed we are allowed to publish to Flash 7 and occasionally Flash 8 -- that is because many don't yet have higher.


      We are also getting many requests for video. So I made myself a nice swf that uses the FLVPlayback component and publishes to Flash 8. I used Sorenson Squeeze to create an FLV using the On2 VP6 codec.


      However for users who have the plugin installed (the majority of the ones who happen to have some flavor of 9) they do not get the complete event from the video. So in those cases one of two things seem to happen. Sometimes it just gets to the end and stops. Other times it gets to the end and freezes. The component starts showing the green marching progress bar -- like it does before it has loaded enough content to stream -- and nothing else will work. It is really frustrating.


      I tried installing different versions of the plugin and it looked like this problem ended at 9.0.115, but I'm not absolutely certain.


      And it is difficult to diagnose because it only seems to be some FLVs.


      Now we can go to youtube with the same browser/plugin and they know when they are at the end of a video. So how do they do it?


      Am I going to have to make my own player? Is there some fix for the FLVplayback?