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    adobe reader shows text but won't print all the text

    farley2628 Level 1

      I have a form used by many and it works with no problem.  Today one came in you could see all the text, but when printed, only some of the text appeared.


      I checked it on 3 machines, also one that has Acrobat 9  on it, same results.


      On the print setup, under comments and forms, I  have Documents and Markup set,  but if I click on "form field only"  I do get the missing text.


      As said we have gotten many forms from other people, no problems, so it really not for lack of knowing how to print it correctly.


      The only print preview I can see I have is when I go to print it, it appears on the right, and it is missing the text there.


      I have removed all name and address from the form for privacy reason,   I did add my name in a few blocks and then saved it but it won't print that also.


      for some reason only the top row under CPR   AED  and SFA print, but as you can see, there are a bunch that don't, along with all the names I removed.


      Thanks in advance.



      Any ideas?



      Tuesday--still working on this,  I activited the voice part of my acrobat 9 and it reads all the text while in PDF form, just won't print it.