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    [AS2] how to access a TextInput using its name?


      I want to change the text of a TextInput using its name for example.


      ("name1").text = "123"


      or is it possible to create an array of components?:


      txt[0].text = "123"


      how to do it? thanks in advance

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not certain what your intention is, but if the instance name of the textfield is name1, then you can assign its text using:


          name1.text = "123";


          If you have an array of the instances, the same applies, so long as the array is assigned the instances and not string versions of their names.


          var txt:Array = new Array(name1);


          txt[0].text = "123";


          If you have an array with strings of the instances names, then you need to use bracket notation to have the strings interpretted as instances...


          var txt:Array = new Array("name1");


          this[txt[0]].text = "123";