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    flairjax Level 1

      Anyone seeing this issue?  I have a PopUpMenuButton in a PopUpManagers popup and when you click the arrow the menus bottom and left border get cutoff.


      I have tried setting the PopupMenuButtons parents width to an outrageous 500 pixels x 500 pixels (with only two items in the dropdown) and it still is getting cutoff?


      Any suggestions?


      TIA, J

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          David_F57 Level 5



          Could you snapshot the offending component and upload the image, maybe its the inset value in the skin causing the issue(just a guess without seeing the visual effect you mention).



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            flairjax Level 1

            Here are the photos. What is weird is that when you look at Picture3.png the bottom border is there, but it isn't on screen.  I am using a MacBook Pro w/ OSX 10.5.8 and using the Shift + Command + 4.


            Picture1.png was taken by using Shift + Command + 3.




            Ok, found the issue, but not sure why?  I have cacheAsBitmap turned on for the DisplayObject that is the lowest DisplayObject in the DisplayList.  I am not sure why a popup above it would somehow be cached but it is.  Guess this relates to the same issue as the DropDownList bug where if you have CachAsBitmap turned on the Menu's in popups don't display correctly.


            Thanks, J

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              Peter deHaan Level 4



              Can you please file a bug at http://bugs.adobe.com/flex/ and include a simple test case and somebody from the SDK team can take a look.




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                David_F57 Level 5

                I can't duplicate the problem on recent sdk builds (im using windows 7 ). Interesting that in your first image the bottom border is missing and on the second the right border is missing, almost like a pixel rendering issue(read rounding of pixel co-ords). If it is a bug its probably one that is fixed in later Flashbuilder builds. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.