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    Flex Employment Questions!


      Hi, everyone. I'm thinking of jumping into Flex as a career and want to get some more information on prospects in the San Francisco area. If you wouldn't mind answering a few questions I would appreciate it very much.




      1 What's your title and/or company you work for?


      2 How long have you been employed as a Flex developer?


      3 What is the current range of salary for Flex developers with 1-3 years of experience in the San Francisco area? What about the range of contracting rates?


      4 In your opinion, are the number of new job openings for Flex developers growing, decreasing or  remaining level?


      5 In conjunction with Flex, what platforms are most used on the server side for data management and connectivity?


      6 After initial training, how many weeks/months/years of hands-on experience, in your opinion, are required before a person generally becomes proficient with Flex development?


      7 What industries are currently employing the most Flex developers?


      8 Are Flex-created Adobe Air applications truly comparable in functionality to traditional C++/C#/VB applications?


      9 What Bay Area groups do you recommend to join that will benefit continued learning of Flex as well as contacts for job opportunities?