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    Lens Flare


      I made my own "Ray of Light" flash style animation
      Now I want to add a little Lens Flare.


      I have been searching for some tuts.  Anyone know of a good one?


      Although I have managed to piece together this title animation, I am still a newbee.  I tried to recreate a subtle star burst on my own and the moving transparent discs of a lens flare, but I had to remove what I tried.

      I want to add a tiny star burst.  I tried the only method I could think of which is to make a series of overlaping thin rectangles and rotate them in in place overlaping.  But this looked bad.  I could not find out how to make the ends taper to points.


      Another thing to add is a circle -- not a solid circle but just a little edge colored a subtle purple .  How do I do this and make sure it is centered where I want it to be?


      And I want the whole thing to kind of spread apart in the time line like you see when a camera is hit by a blinding light then moves to the side.