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    Best way to create a frame around an image

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      I'm not sure what to use to create a frame of different shapes (I can do it with tubes in Paint Shop Pro but want to figure it out in Adobe) around an image and then give the image in that frame a fuzzy or old-fashioned look. I have the CS4 Master Collection so if anyone can point me to a tutorial for a product in the suite to do that I would greatkly appreciate it.


      Thanks very much!

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          pixlor Level 4

          I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you mean a soft vignette, something like this:




          If so, then here's what I did.

          • I started with a screen capture of your post, so I'd have something to use for an image.
          • From the vector shapes tool, I selected the star shape. It's usually a rectangle, but you might prefer an ellipse.
          • In the Properties panel at the bottom, I set the Edge to Feather and set the value to 25 pixels.
          • I set the color of the star shape to white.
          • I selected the shape and the image then went to menu Modify > Mask > Group as Mask. The vector shape acts like a fancy stencil. Where it's white, the masked image shows through. Where the mask is transparent (or black) the underlying image will be transparent. Intermediate values of transparency (or grey) in the mask will produce intermediate values of transparency in the masked image.
          • I set the canvas color to dark blue, so you can see how the image is now faded with the mask. You might prefer a white canvas.


          The image is a Fireworks .png, so if you copy it to your computer, you can open it and see how it works. I have an extra copy of the image and star (non-visible), so you can see the two individual parts.


          If that isn't what you want, can you link to or post an example? Use the Insert Image control to add an image to your post. It's the camera icon to the left of the smilie.

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            talbot Level 1

            That is somewhat what I want. What I'm doing is a flyer for the eggs we are going to start selling (fresh farm eggs) and I have cropped the heads of some of the pictures of the chickens and I wanted to display them around the flyer. I am not sure what to use for framing around each head but something like what you did was cool. I was thinking more of actual picture frames though like how you would see a stand-alone picture in a frame. PSP had these tubes you could use for frames and they also have preset shapes you can drag around to create a frame with too. I then wanted to gloss or shade the 'glass' over the image to give it an old fashioned look. Sorry if I'm not being clear in my request but I don't really have an example either but will post one if I come across something. And thanks very much for you help!

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              pixlor Level 4

              Okay, so we're one step closer.


              I just learned something new...see this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/498990?tstart=0

              "You can also do it by going to Commands > Creative > Add Picture Frame. Set the frame width to what you want, and ignore the pattern. Once the frame has been added, unlock the layer and change the fill from pattern to solid. Nice thing about this is you have an editable vector path to work with and it won't crop into your image. FW just adds to the canvas automatically, based on the border width you have chosen."


              Now...gloss or shade the glass... Hmm. Well, you could add a drop shadow to the frame, and that might give you something interesting. If you want to add something that looks like a reflective highlight, try making another white oval with a really high feathering and then set the opacity down very low.

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                You've been a ton of help!


                I am still working on the first one it's a little tricky but I'll figure it out and got the create picture frame going pretty easily. The link you left points back here but man, I am awed by your help! Thanks again!

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                  Oh...oops: Try this one. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/110042?tstart=0


                  Happy to help!


                  Masks are a little tricky to get your head around. Just remember...white is where the masked object will show through. Black or transparent is where the masked object will not show. The neat thing about them is they don't mess up the image. You can always undo a mask later.