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    Missing BRS Pencil Tool and ExpandS - tried many fixes and nothing worked


      I'm running OS 10.4.11 on a G3 ibook. I'm trying to install CS3 and so far the only thing which works is Photoshop.

      InDesign crashes every time "unexpectedly" and doesn't give a reason. Illustrator comes up with the BRS Pencil Tool and ExpandS error and then quits.


      So far I've tried the following:


      Creating a new user account

      Uninstalling Illustrator and reinstalling (I've even tried 2 different versions)

      Checking the system fonts

      Renaming the Settings and .plist in the Preferences folder

      Verifying and repairing permissions


      Does anyone have any other ideas? I know lots of people have had this problem as I've seen multiple threads on this, but nothing has worked so far for me.