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    How do I do a colourwash in Fireworks?

    Linda vandenBerg

      Hi I am a super beginner I have a colour photograph which I want to add a slight pink colourwash to it so it will match the website colours that I am designing, please can someone tell me how to do this as I have no idea......

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          Paevo Kelley Level 2

          I would think PS would be a better tool for this, with its match color, replace color commands; though you could experiment with FW's change color filters...

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            pixlor Level 4

            This is a guess, but you might try this....


            Take your pink color and get its hue and saturation. Then make a dark color of the same hue. Your light pink color will have a high brightness; find something that is the same, but with a low brightness.


            Then, make a rectangle of this color over your color image and set its opacity down low. You might also experiment with blending modes, maybe multiply.


            The reason I think this might work is your use of the term "colorwash." What you want is similar to taking a watercolor and brushing it over. Watercolor paints are richly colored, it's diluting them with water that turns them light. Same kind of idea. Start with a richly colored version of your pink, then "dilute" it by setting its opacity down.

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              A. Wayne Webb

              If your ultimate goal is to get the image to the Internet then try this.  I know it worked for me.


              Get the dimensions of your image.  Create a transparent image in Photoshop with the same dimensions and fill the layer with a darker than needed color.  Save the image as a PSD.  In Dreamweaver create a div containing the transparent image using the PSD file (DW will convert it to a PNG for you) and using CSS position it over your original image.  Adjust the layer opacity in Photoshop to suit.


              This way you will have a separate image you can reuse or repurpose in the future if needed.