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    Any ideas on how to make my video preview work?


      We have installed Premiere Pro CS4 on some brand new HP Compaq dc7900 machines (http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/au/en/sm/WF06a/12454-12454-64287-3328898-3328898-3785403.ht ml) that supposedly use the Intel GMA 4500 integrated graphics chip. The problem is, that we cannot play any captured or imported video (sounds do play though), all we get is this funny turquoise screen. However, if I click in the preview window while stopped, the frame does show as it should.

      I have spent some time searching for this and I realize I'm not the only one experiencing this problem but I have yet to see a solution that works, at least on my system.


      The Intel Graphics chip only supports OpenGL 1.4 (see hp link), not 2.0 as the CS4 requirements states.

      Well, I could be mistaken already at this point, but I am under the impression that the OpenGL 2.0 only comes into play when playing certain effects, not just playing video on the timeline. Intel has also said that 2.0 support is included in the "new" driver for Q43/Q45 (http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/quick-reference-guide-to-intel-integrated-graphic s/) My current driver is from September 09, and I have also tried drivers from April and March without any luck.


      The weird thing about this, is that when I disable the Q43/Q45 driver under device manager and restart my PC (with a blurry image in too low resolution), the video in Premiere plays back like there is no tomorrow! Everything runs just fine! (Except that I have to sit 3 metres from the screen to actually see anything)



      The "Other devices" is most likely something to do with the 1394-card we put in. It does work as is though. Enabling/disabling the other video adapters shown does not change anything around our issue.


      I can't understand what is making this problem, but it does sound a lot like a driver issue. For good measure I have included a screenshot from GSpot:



      I'm grateful for any help I can get on this!


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The integrated graphics card and it's driver. That is where the problem is. Generally it is advised to stay away from Intel integrated video and use an ATI or nVidia card. There is no info on the HP page about expansion slots, but can you try a 'normal' video card?

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            uinsteffen Level 1

            There are some low-profile slots though 1 of them are occupied by the firewire card: 1 low-profile PCI, 2 low-profile PCI Express x16, 1 low-profile PCI Express x1


            We actually purchased 13 of these computers for video editing, so I really hope it is possible to fix this without buying 13 low-profile graphics adapters. What gets to me is the fact that it does work when I disable the driver. (!) Shold therefore be doable to make a driver/update that works :-(


            Any ideas? Or, in worst case, anyone know about a low-profile graphics card that works?




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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Your first effort should be to figure if it is a driver issue. In order to really pinpoint the problem, either have HP solve this for you if they are willing and capable, or open your case, insert any normal video card and try. If that works, you will be 100% sure it is a hardware/driver problem and you can then consult with HP how to solve this. I don't envy you since opening the case may entail removing it completely from the mobo and PSU, but I have no better solution if HP can't help you solve this. Sorry.

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