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    setting client acrobat resolution settings via javascript?



      i have this long lasting problem with acrobat since cs2/cs3.

      we use pdfs as container format for our screen design presentations. our screen designs are 72 ppi bitmaps.

      now the problem:

      since acrobat cs2/cs3, these images looks blurry in acrobat even in 100% view. this is because acrobat has this new preference setting under "page display" called "resolution". here the default is set to "use system setting", which in my case is 99 ppi.

      the result is that our 72 ppi screen designs got interpolated to 99 ppi by acrobat even at 100% view. since most users have different system settings, there is no way to control the appearance of our 72 ppi bitmaps.


      do you guys know of a way to circumvent this problem?

      one way i can think of is to use javascript to set the clients acrobat software to "custom resolution" with 72 ppi. but i have no idea how to do that.


      any ideas?


      best regards,