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    Converting CS4 in CS3 - loss of structure


      I have experienced the following problems by converting a Illustrator CS4 file into the CS3 format: If the downgraded document is opened by a CS3 user, radial gradients which are compressed and/or rotated will be combined in a pixel-array and aren't any longer editable. If the gradient is in a group, all other elements within are compressed too and are reduced to one layer. It's a virtual disaster! Especially with a view to nonstandard-colours (PANTONE) that are used in my gradients and that will be converted into pixel-images! Does anybody experienced same problems and have a workaround? I have to save full editable CS3 files for further processing.





      In addition to this I recognized that some tabs in text fields will be placed on the wrong position and some text fields are jumping on the plumb line.

      I thought that CS4 is using the same text-engine as CS3. That doesn't suit my plans! Can anybody help?