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    Inserting diagrams into RH - Visio etc

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      RH8 HTML.


      Someone has asked me if its possible to insert/embed or import visio process diagrams into RH? Even docs from illistrator would be useful as some of our Visio diagrams have been converted to .ai files


      I could just make the diagrams images, but it would be useful to have variables and hyperlinks used on some of the text in these diagrams to use in these diagrams where information is changing.


      or even, is it possible to create shapes in RH topics and put text within them, then I could possible re-create the diagrams in RH.


      Thanks for any help.



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          Author care Level 2


          I use Visio quite a lot but I save my pictures as GIFs. These are live linked into the RH project, in that updating the Gif also updates the picture in the RH project. I do have to reset size if this has changed.


          Using Gifs is a fairly robust method of doing this. In my opinion keeping it simple is the best way forward...

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            Nick@Tag Level 2

            OK thanks for that, its what I though. Was hoping RH would have some support with shapes and diagrams, but I guess RH can't do everything...not yet anyway.



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              Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP




              You can embed a visio file (not adding a link to the file, but displaying it in the browser), but this solution will only work for Internet Explorer, you'll need other codebases for other browsers. The question is if you want to use the object itself, instead of a picture.


              1. The following is a solution in Robo7, but should work fine in Robo8.

              2. In Robo7, I can only get it to work for WebHelp, NOT for CHM, but I'm not very familiar with CHM so there might be a way and it might work in Robo8 CHM anyway.


              First, add the visio file as a baggage file.

              Second, in the topic, go to HTML mode and add the following code:


              <object classid='CLSID:279D6C9A-652E-4833-BEFC-312CA8887857'
              id='viewer1' width='100%' height='400' >
              <param name='BackColor' value='16777215'>
              <param name='AlertsEnabled' value='true'>
              <param name='ContextMenuEnabled' value='true'>
              <param name='GridVisible' value='false'>
              <param name='HighQualityRender' value='true'>
              <param name='PageColor' value='12632256'>
              <param name='PageVisible' value='false'>
              <param name='PageTabsVisible' value='false'>
              <param name='PropertyDialogEnabled' value='true'>
              <param name='ScrollbarsVisible' value='false'>
              <param name='ToolbarVisible' value='true'>
              <param name='SRC' value='https://mywiki.domain.com/Validator+Diagram.vsd'>
              <param name='CurrentPageIndex' value='0'>
              <param name='Zoom' value='-1'>



              Modify the height and the width in the <object> tag, to fit your needs. In the <param> tag SRC (third from below), add the url to your file. You can modify the other <param> tags as you see fit.


              Now output and view in Internet Explorer.


              Source for this: http://developer.atlassian.com/jira/browse/CVP-4






              Added URL to the page I got the <object> tag.