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    Can't view PDF files in Wb Browser

    GKdownunder Level 1

      Hello from a relative newbie to Adobe.


      Recently I began getting the message " Adobe Acrobat Reader that is running cannot be used to view PDF files in a web browser. Adobe Acrobat/Reader version 8 or 9 is required. Please exit and try again " when viewing web sites.


      I have Adobe Acrobat 4 ( and always have, I think ) so I successfully downloaded Version 9.1 but still keep getting the same message.


      Could I get some help please ?




      George Krooglik

      Albury, Australia

      29th September, 2009

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          We need to know more about your system. OS and version? Did you leave Acrobat on your computer when you installed Reader? What browser are you using?

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            GKdownunder Level 1

            Hello Michael, thanks for quick response and my apologies for not providing more detail at the time.


            I run Windows XP Home Version 2002, with Service Pack 3


            Internet Explorer 8


            I did leave Adobe Reader V4 on my system after downloading V9, believing V9 would automatically over-ride the older version.



            Hoping this amy assist,







            30th September, 2009

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              DeejTu Level 1

              I have the exact same problem...I run WindowsXP SP3 and IE8.  I have uninstalled, installed, uninstalled,etc. over and over.  I can't view PDF files, so consequently can not print them.  When I hit a PDF link, Adobe tells me there is an error and it needs to close.  If I go to help, it sends me to a page indicating that a newer version should solve the problem.  At that point, if I try to download either version (9.0 or 8.1.3?), Adobe indicates that I need SP4! I do part time work at home and desperately need this solved.  It has only occurred in the past 2 months.

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                GKdownunder Level 1

                Hi DeejTu,


                I don't feel so strange now 


                Here's hoping we can get the issue sorted.




                George Krooglik

                1st October, 2009

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                  DeejTu Level 1

                  YOU were never strange, George...I think Adobe fits that description.  I have bank statements piling up and a lot of other downloads that can't be viewed, so, I agree, hopefully we can get this resolved ASAP.


                  Take care, down under.........



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                    DeejTu Level 1

                    Also, I use Google Chrome, but the problem started well after I installed Chrome.  Everything I attempt to do just does not work (just spent the last hour working on it), so it would be great if someone with a solution would reply!  Thanks.....


                    George...if I figure out something, I will let you know.

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                      GKdownunder Level 1

                      Hi again Dj..


                      Sounds like your case is more pressing than mine.


                      The problem just came up, out of the blue. Didn't do anything deliberate, Adobe message just appeared which caused me a lot of back tracking.


                      Can you save/transfer your business files to another PC in the meantime to view your statements etc. Just a thought .


                      Still awaiting Adobe's response/solution.






                      3rd October, 2009

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                        DeejTu Level 1

                        As long as I can view the current bank files (not downloads), the actual statements are not vital.  I can print those pages, but it's just very difficult and time consuming to go through all of that when a statement is what I need.  I can always go back to paper statements in the mail, but those would just be current.

                        Anyway, it happened just as you said...out of the blue.  You probably know more than I do about computer issues...you might check out your firewall and security settings.  I get lost when I start checking things out, so I'll try to keep track and let you know if I find a solution.

                        Thanks, George...maybe Adobe will respond???

                        Take care.....


                        "Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on...or by imbeciles who really mean it"                    Mark Twain

                        • 9. Fix/Workaround
                          BayCreekTech Level 1

                          I had the same problem as being described on Windows 7 x86 Ultimate.  Have Acrobat 4, Acrobat 8 (part of Adobe CS3) and Adobe Reader 9 installed.


                          To fix this problem...

                          1. Open all Adobe applications and go to Edit > Preferences > Internet tab.

                          2. Uncheck the boxes to view PDFs in browser.

                          3. Open regedit from Run.

                          4. Take a backup of the registry (just in case).

                          5. Browse to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Software\Adobe\Acrobat\Exe

                          6. Change the default string value to "C:\Program Files\Adobe\<Acrobat Install Folder>\Acrobat\Acrobat.exe" (assuming you have Acrobat installed).

                          7. Test. Link should prompt to either open or save the document.


                          Hope this helps,