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    Quicktime video / activex experts please...

    Tols (UK)



      I have a problem in that i have to run a HD Quicktime file in Director - the file bitrate is 60 mbits/sec so its heavy duty (fairly!)


      on a mac there is no problem using a quicktime object in director - it runs fine.


      on a pc however, with the correct codec installed, the video only plays as it should with when directtostage is turned off (with directtostage 'on' the picture is scrambled)

      but with Directtostage off, the performance of the playback is appalling - very stuttery.

      If i open the file in Quicktime itself (on the same PC), the file runs fine. It is for this reason that i assume its not the codec that's giving Director trouble.


      So my thought was to try running it from an Active X control on the windows platform. As much as I don't want to do it this way, I have tried and tried but can't even get a simple .mov to run in it - owing to there being no documentation that is relevant (to both Director/ActiveX and Quicktime). I've rejigged VB stuff that i"ve found and read up on the Quicktime COM but even can't get a simple mov to load in so I'm stuck.


      Has any one ever done this? Can you put me on the right track?

      Or if you have a non-ActiveX idea I'd be glad to hear it.