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    Who thinks the International pricing of Adobe Products is Fair?


      IMHO the pricing policy of Adobe sucks big time.


      I can understand charging a small preium for trnaslations into other languages (extra work)


      But why does it cost more for English language software in one region than another?


      The price for master suites in the US is sssooo much lower than in Europe, even for an English language version.

      We don't all have to have German language software.


      In fact I know a lot of people who prefer to work with English language software who work internationally.


      There's no excuse for this. It's the same product in the US and the UK!


      (USD 2499 versus GBP 2489)


      Exchange rate is 0.6279  = 1569 GBP + VAT @ 15% = fair price of 1800GBP


      And then why does it cost even more for a download than a hard copy shipment?

      (2630 GBP versus 2489 GBP)


      What a joke. The internet should make things cheaper not more expensive!


      Europe is a single market. People in Germany are even worse off!


      Yes we all know about currency fluctuations, import duties and tax differences (15% VAT in the UK * 19% MWSt in Germany), but Adobe are just ripping off people in mainland Europe.


      No way do these differences justify the MASSIVE difference in price. (EUR 3245 versus GBP 2489)


      Fair price for English language software in Germany should be 2499 * 0.6875 *1.19 = 2044 EUR


      But Adobe want to charge you 3245 EUR! That's 60% too much even after taking into account tax differences!


      Roll on transparency and the single market!

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          I second that.


          I just checked for After Effects. The US price for a full version is USD 999 (which would be CHF 909 at the current rate) but Adobe charges CHF 1'529.26 (!!!) - and I'm talking about the English version. In Switzerland we have a very moderate VAT of 8%, so that's no excuse either.


          Come on Adobe, 50% more because we're not american??


          I find this behaviour extremely customer unfriendly to be honest...It's a rip-off.


          Adobe, you're killing very good products with your attitude...