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    Robohelp HTML 6 Splash Screen


      RoboHelp HTML 6


      Can I create splash screens using Robohelp HTML 6?  There are instructions in the help, but for some reason when i click on the Insert Navigation Control, I don't get any of the HTML help controls that is mentioned.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          What you may insert is totally dependent on what you have selected as your primary layout. My guess is that it's currently set to WebHelp or FlashHelp. The splash control is specific to Microsoft HTML Help and probably wouldn't translate to WebHelp anyway.


          However, this doesn't mean you have to forego a splash screen. I create them all the time. My way is to create a topic to serve as the Splash Screen, then insert a meta tag that redirects to another topic after a certain time expires. Pretty simple to do!


          You do have to edit the HTML of the page but it's pretty painless. What you do is insert the code below somewhere in the list of meta tags in the topic. You may have to juggle it up or down the list in order to keep RoboHelp from removing it. Not sure of a definite way past that.


          <meta HTTP-EQUIV=refresh CONTENT="0;URL=SomeTopic.htm">


          Change the 0 to the number of seconds you wish to see the splash screen.

          Change the SomeTopic.htm to be the topic you wish to present to the user after the splash disappears.


          Then configure the default topic to be the splash topic.


          Easy Peeze


          Cheers... Rick



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            mefua Level 1

            That worked!!! Thanks for your help!!!