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    PE4 beginner



      After many years of storing old hi8 sony hme videos I am now finally trying to put them onto disc. I have used a machine I bought in maplin to do this.The tapes transfer fine. However when I edit the dvds in PE4 and transfer back onto another dvd all I get is muffled sound - the picture is OK - I am using a sony videocam using sony discs.

      does pe4 handle sony ok or am I doing something wrong

      thanks for your help - nothing too technical please

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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          I have used a machine I bought in maplin to do this.


          Can you give us more info on the machine?


          It would be very interesting to know about the files that it produces, especially the Audio. The freeware utility, G-Spot, can tell you everything about those files. They are likely the problem, or certainly part of it.


          I do not know the Sony blank media, but I always use either Verbatim, or Taiyo Yuden, and have had not one issue in 1500+ DVD-Videos. Just cannot comment on the Sony media.


          Good luck, and please let us know more about your "machine," plus the full details of those files from it.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Thank you for the link. It looks like an interesting unit. Unfortunately, the site does not go into any technical details on the files, even in the Specifications PDF. All that it mentioned was that the Audio was split to 2-channel Mono, but no details.


            For step 2, please download and install G-Spot. Launch it, and then drag one of the Malpin files to it. You'll get a screen, like this:




            Good luck, and please report the Audio info from G-Spot.