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    Set zoom  holding alt tab


      I hold alt tab and use scroll from the mouse to zoom in and zoom out, but if Im in 100% and I zoom in jumps to 150% and then 200%, 300%, 400%.


      How can I set the jumps about 10% or 20% increment?


      Im using CS4.


      I thought it was my computer performance but im using 64bit, Intel Xeon  @2.00Ghz ( 2 processors) RAM 6.00GB



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          Harron K. Appleman Level 4

          Surely you don't mean Alt+Tab because, in Windows, that pops up the application picker that lets you toggle through open programs.


          I don't have AI 14 (CS4), but the zoom ratio stops you cite are pretty much what you get in Illustrator. You'll find they're the same whether you use the zoom tool (or Ctrl+Space+click) to zoom in or the Alt+zoom tool (or Alt+Ctrl+Space+click) to zoom out.


          For intermediate zoom ratios, you can use the slider on the Navigator panel. And, of course, you can always marquee drag to define a custom zoom magnification (either with the zoom tool or Ctrl+Space+click-drag).


          No way to get smaller increments using the mouse wheel that I'm aware of. Sorry.

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            primalighting Level 1

            Yes , Sorry I  mean Alt+Tab


            Thanks for your post.