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    How to make an NTSC DVD from Pal & NTSC videos using CS3

    dezinerrv Level 1



      I am on CS3, on Windows.

      I need to create an NTSC widescreen DVD from footage that is both NTSC and PAL. Also some of the footage is 4:3 and some 16:9.


      What would be the best way to accomplish this.


      I created an NTSC widescreen project in Premiere CS3. Imported all footage and arranged on timeline.

      While exporting to Encore or to Media Encoder for MPEG 2 DVD - I am constantly getting the error "Failed to return video frame". Or "An unexpected error occured." I am unable to burn even and AVI. I have confirmed, that all audio and video clips are exact duration and that there is no gap between frames on timeline.


      I am able to successfully burn most of the clips individually (except one from about 20 + clips) - but fails when I export them togetether.

      I am racing against time, I have very tight timeline, I need to get it done today :-(


      I would appreciate help from experts on:

      1) What could be causing this error - how can I fix it?

      2) Is the workflow I am using (combining all clips as they are), the way to go - or do I need to do something before I combine/export them for NTSC Widescreen DVD.