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    Forcing Adobe print through pscript5.dll


      Hello everybody,


      I have developed a print driver based on the Microsoft mini driver technology (using pscript5.dll) that intercepts (hooks) information from the print job as it is being processed.


      Specifically, one of the hook functions is textOut.


      Every windows application except Adobe reader (or the AcroPDF ActiveX control) prints documents such that textOut is getting called for all text on the document (I need to intercept this text and examine it for later use).


      Though some hook functions are getting called when Reader prints (startDocument, endDocument), the textOut hook never gets called. I have tried other hook functions (strokePath, strokeLineAndPath or something like that) to no avail.


      Anyone know of a way to encourage Reader (user settings, for example) to get it to use these hooks (perhaps the right request is to get it to use pscript5.dll ?)  ? (Presumably, other applications with less knowledge of ps/pdf would use pscript5.dll extensively, and I can understand why Reader doesn't need to - but it would be nice if it would )