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    Incorrect Display Of Rendered Project In Program Monitor

    Bridgepoint_Richard Level 1

      I am using Premier Pro CS4

      Newly installed on new HPxw4600 Workstation

      2gb RAM

      IntelCore2 Duo processor


      When editing a sequence in the timeline panel, the unrendered sequence displays correctly in the program monitor, but, once i have rendered the project, it displays incorrectly - The only way I can describe it, is that it appears the size of the display is larger than the program monitor, and all I can see is the bottom left had corner of the sequence. However, changing the size of the display in the program monitor does not make it so i can see the entire display, it just makes that corner smaller or larger.


      The project was created with Adobe Premier Pro CS4 on another computer.  ON the previous computer, the sequence displays correctly when rendered.

      I recently moved all the files for the project from the old computer, to the new computer with the new install of Adobe Premiere Pro, which is when I began having this issue.


      Does anyone have any suggestions for what to check/fix?


      The sequence contains mulitple file types, .mov, .mpg, .wmv, .bmf, & .jpg, as well as footage captured directly from a Canon VixiaHF11 digital camera, with file ext .m2ts


      I have attached 2 images to illustrate my description.