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    User Authentication

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      Hello Everyone and thank you in advance for taking the time to read my inquiry.


      I am have about 80% of a my website built and buttons all mapping where they should go, along with a number of XML driven BANNER ROTATORS/ACCORDIAN MENUS...ect


      This site requires users to be signed in, which is done through a site previous to mine. Once they log in, they can click a button which then allows them access to my site.


      My site has three "user levels" or "autentication levels" as we have "Managers", "Supervisors" and "Staff" levels.


      For testing purposes, we have placed the below actionscript in the first frame of my project. The purpose of this actionscipt is to reference the "authentication level" that the user is using (as they will have already signed in so we are simply looking to obtain their "auth level").


      AS 2.0


      loadVariablesNum("http://www.mywebsite.com/test.php", 0, "POST");

      //This verifys the users status and forwards them to the portion of the website they are authorized to access.

      Auth Level 100 = Regional Access, Auth Level 200 = Franchise Access, Auth Level 300 = Employee Access, Auth Level 400 = Denied Access and Back Button as they do not have the privliges to move forward from there.//

      this.onEnterFrame = function () {
          if(_root.checklog == 100){
          if(_root.checklog == 200){
          if(_root.checklog == 300){
          if(_root.checklog == 999){


      The PHP script I'm using is as listed below:


      echo 'checkLog=300';


      Therefore, my site hit's the PHP and the PHP tells my site that the user level is 300, therefore they are fowarded to the "employee" section of the SWF


      My issue is that this only works when targeting FLASH PLAYER 6 or lower. Wouldn't be a big deal however I have found that all my XML driven menus/components do not work when Flash 6 is targetted.


      I assume that it would be easier for me to find out how to complete such a process using Flash 8 or above rather than redoing all my XML driven stuff, so with that being said, HELP!


      Additonally, I have attached screenshots of what I'm refering too below.


      flash 6.png

      Flash 6



      flash 8.png

      Flash 8